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General Osama Al Mandouh

Lieutenant General Osama Al Mandouh: An Egyptian polling officer, born in the Dakahlia Governorate in 1948, he graduated from the Military College in December 1967, and was one of the heroes of the October 1973 War, where he participated with the rank of (Captain) and was awarded the Military Star Medal in recognition of his heroic actions during the war.

In 1978 he moved to General Intelligence, during which he obtained a Bachelor of Commerce from Ain Shams University, and gradually served in all positions until he was appointed as the General Intelligence First Agent. He received a long service medal and worked in the diplomatic service in Nigeria (Adviser to the Egyptian Embassy in Lagos) and in Israel (Consul General) and received the Order of Merit of the first class in 2012.

He was the president of several companies, both during the service of General Intelligence (The Egyptian Company for Medical Services) and after the end of his service with intelligence (Rehabilitation of Nile Valley Company).

He documented his experience in the October war year 1973 by writing a book titled “General Osama Al Mandouh behind enemy lines”, it was published on the 44th anniversary of the great October war‘s victory.