About Badr
University in Assuit

Badr University in Assiut (BUA) is a grand future-forward university established by CIRA-Egypt’s largest and most prominent private education investor with 29 years of experience in K-12 chain of schools and higher education across 9 governments with a total of more than 40000 students; offering high-quality and affordable education across the country, including Upper Egypt in Minya, Suhag, and Assiut.

Bringing an equally unique experience through its university BUC (The fastest-growing university established 5 years ago in the middle east, hosting more than 15000 students, and providing more than 16 schools; as yet.) to Upper Egypt with the same campus standards and quality of teaching; presenting a very strong model to upgrade the educational offering within the area of Upper Egypt.

CIRA has maintained a solid interest in Upper Egypt over the past 12 years and developed a huge capacity of well-educated scholars. We have over 2000 students in Upper Egypt, and we immensely believe in the ability of the region to step up as one of the main anchors of human development in Egypt.

We are utilizing our very unique level of more than 40 international and national partnerships, first-rate professors, and establishing a state-of-the-art campus that is over 81 acres providing international campus experience, services, entities, facilities, and community service centers that serves the university students and staff, as well as the surrounding community in Assiut.