Languages and Translation

Degree and Title:
Bachelor’s in Linguistics and Translation

Study Hours/Academic Levels:
144 credit hours/4 academic levels



School of Languages and Translation is a distinct educational and cultural platform that reinforces regional and international communication.


The School of Languages and Translation offers distinguished educational programs to prepare graduates with the ability to become cultural mediators according to the highest national standards.

Academic Majors and Departments

School of Languages and Translation currently offers four programs granting the degree of B. A. in the following specialties:

  • English Language and Literature,
  • German Language and literature,
  • Spanish Language and Literature,
  • Chinese Language and Literature.

With BUA prospective aim to widen the scope of teaching Languages and to prepare graduates to participate in serving both national and international communities, School of Languages and Translation will continue to offer more chances for its future students to join several other B. A. programs such as:

  • Italian Language and literature,
  • French Language and literature,
  • Russian Language and literature,
  • Korean Language and literature,
  • Japanese Language and literature,
  • Turkish Language and literature,
  • Persian Language and literature,
  • Arabic Language and literature.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the School of Languages and Translation will have multiple chance for excellent future careers in several agencies and corporations in addition to governmental post in such Ministries as: Education and Higher Education, Culture, Tourism and Hotel Industry, International Trade, Embassies, Maritime agencies, Aviation, Business firms, and translation agencies worldwide.

Curricular Concentration: Literature/Science/Science and Mathematics

Percentage: A minimum of 60%

Applicants must have studied two languages including English + 1 Foreign language.

Applicant score should add up to a minimum of 60% after conversion for all certificates.