Degree and Title:
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B. B. Ch)

Study Hours/Academic Levels:
21-26 total credit hours per year/5 academic levels


Our new school strives to position itself at the forefront of the challenges of significant transformation in medical education. We offer an innovative curriculum addressing the academic requirements of physicians for future medical practice.

Our medical program utilizes a competency-based curriculum focusing on best practices in patient care, delivered through innovative teaching strategies; a digital classroom, an advanced simulation center, a comprehensive library, and streamlined integrated courses ensuring a seamless transition from basic to clinical science applications.

Academic Majors and Departments

  • Clinical Pharmacology
  • Pathology
  • Medical Parasitology
  • Public Health and Community Medicine
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Histology and Cell Biology
  • Physiology
  • Medical Microbiology and Immunology
  • Human Anatomy and Embryology
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Dean’s Word

The School of Medicine at BUC Egypt is devoted to graduating physicians and developing human resources that can bring hope and relief to those suffering from ailments and illnesses.

As the Dean, and on behalf of the faculty, staff, administration, and current students, I welcome you with great pleasure.

Medical education is undergoing a significant transformation and we invite you to join us as we move forward on this exciting journey of student-centered medical education for patient-centered health care.

It is an excellent time to prepare for a career in medicine given the advances in curriculum design, learning theory, and technologically assisted information acquisition, evidence-based practice, analyses, and dissemination.

This school has taken their understanding and commitment to educate future physicians by integrating innovative strategies in medical training with that of current proven advances in technology. We are proud that our curriculum ensures continuity between the foundational sciences provided by our horizontally and vertically integrated basic and clinical sciences.

We are indeed addressing the needs of the next generation of physicians, who will utilize data at their disposal to provide optimal bedside care as they encourage wellness and prevention. The future is bright for the School of Medicine, and we invite you to join in this exciting effort.

Professor. Dr. Ahmad M. Makhlouf

Dean of Medicine

School Department Heads

Dr. Reem Adel Mohamed El Kholy

Head of the Clinical Pharmacology Department

Associate Prof. Marwa Mosaad Mohamed Shakwee

Head of the Pathology Department

Dr. Ghada Abdel Rahman Ali Saad

Head of the Medical Parasitology Department

Dr. Dina Sabry Abd El Fatah Hamed

Head of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department

Dr. Noha Abdel-hakam Makhlouf

Head of the Histology and Cell Biology Department

Prof. Dr. Amira Metwally Abd El Rahman

Head of the Physiology Department

Assistant Prof. Amany Mohamed Tawfeik

Head of the Medical Microbiology and Immunology Department

Prof. Dr. Dalia Fawzi Helmi Kallini

Head of the Human Anatomy and Embryology Department

Dr. Amira Fathy EL-Gazzar

Head of the Public Health and Community Medicine Department

Career Opportunities

All our graduates receive a license for medical practice from the Ministry of Health in Egypt and are appointed as residents in more than 35 clinical specialties.

They can also be appointed as demonstrators in any of the ten basic sciences according to their scores and choices. Moreover, the graduate can apply for any of the foreign countries’ jobs of clinical practice according to their roles.

International Programs